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Bountiful Share The Connected Garden is up and running

Look what's bubbling on the kitchen bench..."yeast starter", do you remember this from the early eighties? Most of Sorrento had a brew goin including the ladies from the Portsea Army Camp, the Craft groups, and Tai Chi I think! ...I wonder if this batch can be traced back to the eighties or further?

I can't wait for it to grow so I can share the brew!

Thanks Coral Barrand for the yeast starter, we also enjoyed the home baked bread at Monday's Tai Chi class, spread with butter and fresh honey. The honey came from Coarl's husbands bees, or should I say the "Portsea Bees", if you please.

Honeycomb takes me back also to my mother buying it from the Vic. the sixties, we ate it as Mum said it was very good for asthma. When my children started checking the use by dates on things....and would ask about honey I used to say " they found honey in the pyramids" so a few weeks over a use by date will not do you any harm...we have become obsessive with use by dates.... a national past time although I do check mums honeycomb....

The Portsea bees certainly produce a beautifully flavoured honey.

Thank you also to Denise and Gary for the fresh lemons from their trees. We have some to share at the office so grab a couple and enjoy. Lemons are so tactile, once you feel the dimpled skin you lift the lemon to your nose and enjoy the frangrance of the lemon oil in the skin, soak in the colour......a bit like a mindfullness moment!

We are planning a Plant and Produce stall for January 2016 and would be grateful for pledges of support now! Perhaps you have fruit or potted plants you could donate to raise funds for the connected garden projects Please let us know how you can help. Follow the facebook page SorrentoConnected Garden

We gather on the last Tuesday of the month at four pm under a tree near the skate park...

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