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Boom busters boomerang bags - sew sustainable

What a busy day we had at the Sorrento Community Centre with 60 children from St Josephs Primary School visiting on Thursday 30th March. The grade 1/2 children were finishing up a their term's work on a project about their "Community"

A team of volunteers at the centre met the children and introduced them to a community fledgling project being undertaken by the Sorrento Community Centre " Sorrento Boomerang Bags"

Shelle Hepburn told a story about how affected she had been when walking her dog 'Benny" along the beach at Dromana and seeing all the rubbish washed up including plastic bags. How can we make a difference?

If we could reduce plastic bags being used we could reduce rubbish, protect our environment and minimise harm to bird and sea life.

This inspired the children who reflected on living and going to school on the Peninsula into their designs which they drew onto bags that were then sewed on the day.

With 60 bag fronts made it is now a task for our volunteers to have them all sewn up for display at St Josephs Primary School in term 2.

We decided to use our postcode "3943" as our logo on the bags so that if we saw someone out and about with the bags we may recognise it as one we had designed and made, the children embraced this idea!

It was heartening to hear from the children that their parents and grandparents did take their own bags to the supermarket. The children had many ideas which came out in their designs about how they love the peninsula and what makes them feel wonderful about living here.

Thank you to the children who joined us on the day, we loved meeting you and hope to work more with our local schools and groups in the future as the day was so successful

The overall aim is together volunteers, recycled fabric and to produce Boomerang bags and then to teach other groups how simple this can be, We aim to assist new groups with the How to and with patterns , ideas and the paths for the bags. Keep it simple, what works for your community.

The neighbourhood Houses and Adult Learning Centres across the Peninsula will be trailing this with us during term two.

Stage two will be to identify shops that want to sign up, but we need a collective supply to sustain the project.

TheSorrento Boomerang Bag project,which is very organic at the moment is to actively seek sponsorship to take this across the Mornington Peninsula and collectively add bags to the million plus that have already been made and distributed through the

Boomerang Bags

Funds raised will go back into the project and eventually go to environmental groups

If you would like to join us then follow our Facebook group

Sorrento Boomerang Bags - MPSC

Contact the Sorrento Community Centre

Tracey Trueman Manager Phone 59 84 3360 and add your name to the champions list!

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