• Tracey Trueman

Three little ducks at Sorrento Community Playgroup

We have twenty five children in our playgroup family this year and have had such fun meeting new children and families each week at 9.15 am on Tuesdays.

The community playgroup is held in the Sorrento Early Learning Centre and the children enjoy the outdoor space that includes a sandpit, bikes and water play each week.

Activities indooors are set weekly with a playdough table, craft actvity, painting easel and pasting activity. The dress up area and mini-me kitchen are also popular for experiential play.

At the end of the session we all share in the clean up and then listen to a story and sing our favourite songs.

Our theme this term is the number 3 and the alphabet, as we have children up to three attend and love singing our ABC song.

The three jelly fish art work last week inspired the song choice and of course included our favourite number "3". T

his week will be singing Three little ducks which we will add to the playgroup song list.

It is a failry relaxed session for children and families toenjoy and to engage with others in the comfort that mum, dad, granny or a carer is wih them.

We welcome families each week at 9.15 am and finish at 11 am. Phone 0359 84 3360

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