• Tracey Trueman

Paintng from within with Cheryl Opie

Gentle Breath Meditation. Have you always wanted to paint but thought you had no talent? Maybe you have not painted for awhile or have artists' block... Want to break through negative thoughts and rigid rules? You will not be shown "how to" paint anything but will rediscover what it feels like to paint freely, this course is about having fun, experimenting and discovering your own unique style. You will learn to develop energetic awareness and awaken your intuition. There may be some surprises as well...did you realise that the way you paint exposes the way that you live? Whatever stops the brush from moving will be the exact same fear or judgment that blocks you in your daily life. No prior experience is necessary, just a natural curiosity and a willingness to play and have fun. All materials provided: 33 delicious colours of paint, brushes, paper, palettes. Fridays 10 am - 1pm Friday 20th April Enquire. Cheryl Opie 0428 820 100

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