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Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle and Reward

Ticking many of The 10R’s™, nothing is wasted, says Gwen Giudici key leaders of the Rosebud Boomerang Bags hub in an article in Eco Organiser woritten by Tanya Lewis. "Fabric sewing scraps are used as filling in an ottoman to achieve zero-waste. This project has inspired people to repurpose clothing, create yoga bags, hankies, dog bedding, etc. The beauty of Boomerang Bags is the high level of community engagement, they connect with children through bag decorating and depending on the age also cutting and sewing.

In the article writen by Tanya Lewis Eco Organiser

"Meet Gwen

started by asking Gwen why she became involved in Boomerang Bags?

“Personally, I took on the Plastic Free July challenge, aiming to go 100% plastic free that month. I started by practicing in June, giving me time to prepare for my challenge, however, the first time I stood in the supermarket the size of the challenge really sank in – 99% of the products are wrapped in plastic. I went home with just a few goods and had to totally rethink my shopping.

It was also around this time I attended my first Boomerang Bags meeting, where it was soon discussed that I could set up a group as well (Rosebud) adding a group to this worldwide movement to reduce plastic.” says Gwen"

Here’s a list of what you can donate:

  • Clean unused fabric

  • Strong, non-stretchy fabric such as sheets, donna and pillow covers

  • Threads, sewing machines and overlockers in good condition

  • Your time

Note: BB’s aim is to divert fabric from landfill, BB ask that you do not purchase especially for the BB project.

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Check out the Mornington Peninsula Boomerang Bags Collective to find a Boomerang Bag hub near you!

Meet Gwen at the next event she is organising in Early June at the Point Nepean Plaza Contact Gwen via Facebook

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