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New childcare package come to Sorrento in 2019

Sorrento Early Learning Centre is moving forward in 2019 to the new Childcare Package The Occasional Childcare Care Funding will be withdrawn and the Sorrento Early Learning Centre has

been invited into the Federal Government System that will bring benefits for families attending.

The new Child Care Package that came into operation on July 2nd, 2018, will be implemented and come into effect at the beginning of 2019.

We are presently working through and undertaking all of the required Federal Government authorisations, registrations and organisational checks.

As you would probably understand this process is lengthy and complicated in nature, hence the reason commencing this service at Sorrento in 2019.

We believe that by registering for Childcare Subsidy the majority of our families will be better off financially.

For example: The fee set for 2019 will be per 5-hour session: $58.85 (this equates to $11.77 per hour which is the cap)

If your family has been assessed at 85%, you would be required to pay $8.82 per session which is your contribution for the 5-hour session, we would claim the balance of fees $50.03 on your behalf.

The amount of your co-contribution depends on your income and the percentage that is accessed, as you can see you need quite a large family income before you are NOT entitled to any subsidy.

Combined family income

Subsidy per cent of the actual fee charged (up to relevant percentage of the hourly rate cap)

Sorrento Early Learning Centre – Information for 2019

Under the Child Care Subsidy you will be asked about the activities that you do.

Family entitlement to the Child Care Subsidy will be determined by a three-step activity test, more closely aligning the hours of subsidised care with the combined hours of work, training, study or other recognised activity undertaken, and providing for up to 100 hours of subsidy per fortnight.

A broad range of activities will meet the activity test requirements including: paid work; being self-employed; doing unpaid work in a family business; looking for work; volunteering or studying. There will be exemptions to the activity test for parents who legitimately cannot meet the activity requirements.

Low income families on $66,958^ or less a year who do not meet the activity test will be able to access 24 hours of subsidised care per fortnight without having to meet the activity test, as part of the Child Care Safety Net.

The most important thing for us is that you please go to your mygov account and complete that application.

What you need to do:-

Sign into your Centrelink online account through myGov Select Complete your Child Care Subsidy assessment task.

Work through the steps to provide new information and confirm your current details.

Once that is completed and you have been informed of your percentage and number of hours you are eligible for per fortnight, you can estimate what a session or number of days at the Sorrento Early Learning Centre would be.

The next step is to complete an Enrolment Enquiry Application for 2019 and pay the $30 non- refundable annual registration fee

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